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    Corporate Kid Executive Mentor Program

    Executive Kat Cole showing at risk students there can be positive outcomes for those from challenged

    Executive Kat Cole showing students they can achieve positive outcomes regardless of growing up in challenged environments. 

    Faith Coders Free Coding Classes for the Invisible

    Our company Faith Coders will teach coding to those who have traditionally been left out of business environments that create upward mobility and economic advancement.

    GigBridge Will Recruit Your Next Programming Star

    GigBridge is the business solution for the critical lack of qualified and certified code writers and other IT professionals.  GigBridge gives companies the opportunity to fill a valuable position while changing lives.

    Corprate Kid Menternship Program

    Corporate Kid Mentor Partners

    Why Many Need This Program

    Many of us are fortunate enough to grow up in families and neighborhoods that promote success in school and life.  However, there are those students who have to overcome enormous social economic obstacles on a daily basis, and this makes it very difficult for them to properly focus on their schooling.  Many children live in gripping poverty in crime-infested neighborhoods, and their parents are guardians are often forced to prioritize earning a living over homework or PTA meetings   These students are Environmentally At Risk! 


    The terrific team at Shelf Genie have been instrumental in their service to Corporate Kid.  We may not be where we are today without their help.

    See what we are about. "From Here to There"

    Faith Coders Changing lives and Legacies poverty is an inheritance too

    About Faith Coders

    Free Coding Classes

    We have come a long way since "PONG"!  Programming and IT in general, are a visible and invisible part of everything we do on a daily basis.  The massive change in the way people lived before the industrial revolution and after, will pale in comparison to the digital revolution.

    Change Lives of the Forgotten

    Poverty is an inheritance too.  Generational poverty exists because of many factors.  However, the big contributor is opportunity.  Faith Coders will give those who have been universally left in the job marketplace and place them in the career marketplace.  We will change their home economy and their children will learn and advance.

    Who are Our Students

    • Homeless People
    • Rural Young People
    • Inner City Folks
    • Native Americans
    • Addiction Survivors
    • Group Home Youth
    • Sub-Saharan Africans
    • Veterans
    • People Over 50

    Partner Organizations

    Faith Coders partners with tremendous organizations to change lives.  Without their help we cannot exist. 

    • Churches
    • Homeless Shelters
    • Group Homes
    • Transition Housing
    • AARP
    • Treatment Programs

    Online Learning Coming Soon!

    2019!!!  We will introduce our custom online learning center.  Our reach will be GLOBAL!  Free coding on a worldwide platform.  We plan to change the world, so watch out!


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